Stay Current With the RSS Feed

New Photos

You can subscribe to my RSS feed to get updates about new photos.

What's an RSS Feed When It's At Home?

An RSS feed provides a brief summary of any new content along with a link to the full version. The feed is delivered as an XML file and it lets you know about any new stuff on the website without you having to check it yourself and without having to hand out your email address to sign up to a newsletter.

So What Do I Need To Do?

Browsers like Firefox and Opera have built-in support for RSS. You should see this icon RSS feed icon in the address bar of your browser and you simply click it and follow the instructions to subscribe to the feed. Many other programs such as Thunderbird also have built-in RSS support.

I Don't Have Those Programs

You can check your feeds from any web browser using a service such as feeds.reddit. Or, if you're a Windows user you could try FeedDemon or SharpReader. Mac users might try NetNewsWire.

If you're a Linux user then you're smart enough to figure this out for yourself but AmphetaDesk is available on all three platforms.

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