Just to reassure myself that I still get up a hill sometimes!

(Since the previous post.)

Lazy Git

Sorry to say, I’m clearly too lazy to update a website these days. However, I did get my arse up a hill and I also had a play with Google+.

So, here’s some hillwalking photies on Google+ for a wee change.

Scott did a write-up with some photies over at weeblackdug, too. I seem to recall one event on the walk that he hasn’t mentioned though. ;O)

Big hill for a wee man

To old friends now gone

Where is this?

Been too long since you last went camping when …

… it takes you twenty minutes to find your rucksack.

… the plasters in your first aid kit no longer stick.

… you can’t find a compass anywhere even though you own three.

Stick that …

… in yer pipe and smoke it!

Creag Pitridh – it’s better than you think

Early starts and draughty Land Rovers. Blue skies and snow. Fry-ups at ropey cafes. Breathtaking views. Crushed sandwiches and tired legs. Time with friends. A sweaty back and freezing hands. It’s a mixed bag the old hillwalking but I’ve missed it.

So, (shock!) here’s a video without a baby in it.

I gave the camera a good workout as well so there’s a wee bundle of photies.

Where’s the baaaaaby?

With further apologies to the people who still pop in hoping for Scottish landscape photos, here’s another baby video.

Ben Rinnes

Right then, eighty minutes to walk up and back down Ben Rinnes. Away and beat that and I’ll buy you a pint.

A few photos.