Creag Pitridh – it’s better than you think

Early starts and draughty Land Rovers. Blue skies and snow. Fry-ups at ropey cafes. Breathtaking views. Crushed sandwiches and tired legs. Time with friends. A sweaty back and freezing hands. It’s a mixed bag the old hillwalking but I’ve missed it.

So, (shock!) here’s a video without a baby in it.

I gave the camera a good workout as well so there’s a wee bundle of photies.

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7 Responses to “Creag Pitridh – it’s better than you think”

  1. Bigbananafeet Says:

    Good job, looks just the ticket although I wonder why everyone seems to turn to the right when they take summit view panorama video?

  2. BletheringBlonde Says:

    Good to see you got out. Need to try and organise meeting up sometime

    As for the caption – “nae need to worry abot the Troll, he’ll be away on his holidays”

  3. Gordy Says:

    Must be the odd weirdo doing it widdershins, ‘Nanafeet. Ask a left-hander.

    Looks like you’re winning the caption competition, Blondie.

  4. Scott Says:

    “Inspiration didn’t strike Simon & Garfunkel until the thaw set in.”

  5. Gordy Says:

    Good effort, Scott. I must admit I thought there’d be more swearing in the submissions. Anyway, I suppose I’d better start thinking about a prize for the eventual winner. A framed photo of your choice off this site maybe, or a spare Munros book I’ve got kicking about. Any suggestions? I’m not sleeping with anyone though.

    It’s this photo here if anybody’s wondering what we’re on aboot.

  6. Flaff Says:

    How about “Aye, Olympic High Divers train here all the time”

    Cracking Photies Gordy. Looks like a great day out. Glad you enjoyed it. Creag Pitridh was my 60th Munro. It was sunny then, but no snow, alas. Good to see you getting out on the hills again. Hope I meet you on a hill somewhere!

  7. Gordy Says:

    Cheers, Flaff. I haven’t been near a hill since.