Sunny Glen Etive

Just back from a wee trip to do some hills in Glen Etive with Scott. There was a view and that’s the main thing. As usual, it looks warm and peaceful in the photos but it was bloody freezing up there in that wind really. I kid you not. Totally baltic.

A few beers and a feed in the Clachaig rounded the day off beautifully. Try the boar sausage thing if you’re there.

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2 Responses to “Sunny Glen Etive”

  1. Scott Says:

    I was looking through those photies again. They’re all good, but that second one of Ben Starav is absolutely spot on.

    I doubt folk take many better pictures of such a big chunk of it. It’s no’ that easy a hill to see properly!


  2. Gordy Says:

    You, sir, have a good eye for a photo, even if I am reduced to saying so myself. ;O)

    The Beinn nan Aighenan one is my favourite I think.

    It’s hard to reconcile the nice sunny photos with the fact that it was absolutely bloody freezing up there isn’t it. I mean, we’re used to the cold and we’ve enough gear to start a shop but it was – what’s the phrase? – absolutely bollock-shrieking-freezing up there!

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