Beinn Sgulaird

So, an early start and a bit of a drive to do the first hill of 2009.

It was one of those clear but overcast days – lovely when you’re there but the photos don’t come out so well. I forgot the memory card anyway and I can only fit five photos on the camera’s built-in memory.

Starting at Elleric, we walked a fair old way up Glen Ure (to just over half a kilometre from Airigh nan Lochan) before turning south to an obvious wee top at about four hundred metres. At this point a good (if highly inaccurate) debate started about which hill was which in the Glen Coe/Glen Etive direction. I think they were all Ben Starav at one point or another. ;O]

Almost doubling back on ourselves, we headed up an easy slope towards Stob Gaibhre and opted to go straight up the corrie from there instead of going around the shoulder. It’s a bit of a walk up Glen Ure but you gain a bit of height without a lot of work. It’s a nice way to do the hill.

We took a direct route down to Glen Ure on the descent which was pretty steep and slabby in places but nobody died. At one point I did find myself half-way down a stone chute before realising nobody fancied it and they’d all scattered to find another way down, but it was only the once. It was okay but it cannae be the best way off the hill.

Barely managed to stay awake long enough after dinner to watch half a film and drink most of a can of beer.

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