Went to Aviemore at the weekend to play in the snow and clearly everybody else had the same idea because the road up to the ski centre was locked up with bastard skiers on both days.

Still, the Craigellachie Nature Trail and Loch an Eilein were fine alternatives and it was good to meet some new folk and put the world to rights over a few beers. It’s been a while since I found myself in the pub for three nights on the trot!

Snowy photos.

Snowy view near Loch an Eilein

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6 Responses to “Aviemore”

  1. Scott Says:

    Now, those are really nice photies. Three nights in the pub, top class pictures and you didn’t need to sweat up a big hill? Sounds like the perfect weekend to me.


  2. Gordy Says:

    Aye, it’s a hard life!

  3. Christian Says:

    I’ve just realised what pic number 3 “An igloo by the River Spey” is:

    It’s you taking a photo of both me taking a photo of a wee robin in an igloo and Paul taking a photo of the river. I think this is post-modernist but my head is starting to hurt so not sure.

    Modern life is complicated…

  4. Gordy Says:

    No, it isn’t. Of course, it’s possible to argue that shit on a stick is postmodern. Throw enough artful verbiage into the discussion and people soon lose interest and let you win.

    It would have been a better photo without you big lummoxes in it but I couldn’t be bothered waiting for you both to move. :O)

  5. Martin Rye Says:

    Great snowy scenes indeed. Enticing are those snow clad hills.

  6. Jamie Says:

    Great snow! Brrrrr.