Clean yer bike!

No fewer than four people have said to me in the month since I bought this new bike that it’s better not to clean it. The theory seems to be that it will run more smoothly without any interference.

What a load of shite!

After a muddy ride like yesterday, you really have to clean the bike up. Leave some mud on the unimportant bits if you’re daft enough to think it makes it look cooler but clean your drivetrain at least. All you need is twenty minutes, some car shampoo, hot water, a sponge, a rag and wee scrubbing brush of some sort. Lube it up again afterwards and you’re golden.

Mouseover the pics below to see the difference and decide for yourself which will last longer and run better …

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2 Responses to “Clean yer bike!”

  1. Bigbananafeet Says:

    I used to see what just plain old flour did to chain drives when I was at Morton’s. I wonder if saying “it’ll run more smothly with less interference” would have made my job any easier, I doubt it though!

    A load of shite indeed.

  2. Gordy Says:

    For a horrible moment I thought you were going to disagree and then explain what you do for a living, leaving me without a leg to stand on.

    It would have been a shame to have to delete your comment. :O)