Note to self

Stop swearing so much in Mothercare.

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3 Responses to “Note to self”

  1. Bigbananafeet Says:

    Did somebodies “little darling” repeat something you said?

  2. Gordy Says:

    Heh – no, no, nothing like that. I just need to remember it’s not the pub when I bump into somebody there and start chatting. :O)

  3. Peewiglet Says:

    Heh… this afternoon Piglet ran out of the front door towards the road. I yelled ‘No’ but she ignored me, and so I SCREAMED it louder than I’d previously have thought possible. Piglet stopped dead, and quaked in her paws. I’m sure the locals are writing to the NSPCC, the RSPCA and the local psychiatric unit even as I type…