Glen Feshie to Linn of Dee

The last time I walked through Glen Feshie and down to Linn of Dee, on a failed coast to coast walk in 2007, my enjoyment was somewhat moderated by ankles that decided they had walked quite far enough already and wanted a long sit down. I spent the night with my feet up then hobbled on to the doctor’s office in Braemar and then didn’t get out walking for another two months in probably one of the best parts of the year, missing April and May entirely.

So here’s a suggestion: don’t push your luck if you’re injured on a long walk. You can always go back, take your time, take some more photos, wonder why they’ve closed the perfectly good upstairs room in the bothy, say “Christ – I just hopped across this river last time” and quite simply do it all again with a smile on your face.

It’s good to be back.

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2 Responses to “Glen Feshie to Linn of Dee”

  1. Peewiglet Says:

    What a fab set of photos! You never seem to take a dull one 🙂

    Commiserations on the knackered ankles, and the time you had to take out, back in 2007. I made exactly the same mistake the first time I tried the English C2C: I knackered my knees on a steep downhill at the end of the first day but struggled on for a week, and then had to go home and see an orthpaedic surgeon!

    Congrat’s on getting back out there 🙂

  2. Gordy Says:

    That’s an awfy nice thing to say. Trust me, there are some dull ones! :O)