The lad’s properly mastered rolling over recently, so multiple rollovers are now the preferred means of travel. He seems delighted with his wee personal milestone.

Frankly, I quite liked it when he stayed where I’d left him.

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3 Responses to “Uh-oh”

  1. Peewiglet Says:

    He’s beautiful! Best watch out, though: before you know it he’ll be nipping out for a pint of milk and a packet of crisps when you’re not watching *g*

    Congrat’s to the wee bairn on achieving mobility 🙂

  2. Gordy Says:

    I wonder how much longer until he can wash the car.

  3. Jamie Bassnett Says:

    Aww look at the wee Gordy! You could use him to roll up your Thermarest now 🙂