Sunny Glen Etive

Just back from a wee trip to do some hills in Glen Etive with Scott. There was a view and that’s the main thing. As usual, it looks warm and peaceful in the photos but it was bloody freezing up there in that wind really. I kid you not. Totally baltic.

A few beers and a feed in the Clachaig rounded the day off beautifully. Try the boar sausage thing if you’re there.

Create an account? Piss off!

Why is it that so many websites require you to jump the login barrier before you can do anything these days?

Try to donate to the NTS so they can carry on their path-building work and you need to create an account first. More and more websites seem to be doing this lately. Christ, a lot of blogs are even requiring a login simply to leave a comment.

Get over yourselves! I don’t want to create, verify and remember another login just to do one thing on your website once!

Tasty Food

If you’re like me and cannae be bothered cooking parritch in the morning when you’re camping, you could do worse than trying Stoats porridge bars.

I’ve no’ bought shares in them or anything, honest. It’s just a suggestion.

Stoats Porridge Bars

Mamores Camping Trip

Went up into the Mamores for a wee camping trip on Friday. It turned out to be a nice night so I took some photos.

Let’s hear it for brevity!


Went on a wee camping trip to do some hills near Rannoch Station – Carn Dearg and Sgor Gaibhre – at the weekend.

The weather was drizzly when I set off up the old Road to the Isles track from Loch Eigheach but was clearing up nicely before I was very far along it. Fortunately, it stayed that way all evening so I could sit with a drink and enjoy the impressive views until it was time to crawl into my sleeping bag.

However, things had gone all wrong again by three in the morning when I crawled out again to water the plants, and I was soon wishing I had more on than just my trainers as the wind and rain did their best to wake me up completely.

Next morning, I stayed in bed for ages drinking tea and smoking fags in the hope that the cloud would lift but no such luck. I didn’t even bother taking many photos but I took a few the day before.

Grey Mare’s Tail

A short Friday-to-Saturday camping trip with Sandy to do the highest hill in Dumfriesshire, White Coomb, in the National Trust for Scotland’s Grey Mare’s Tail nature reserve.

The Grey Mare’s Tail itself is a waterfall on the Tail Burn in a hanging valley left by the last ice age below Loch Skeen. The NTS say it’s the best site for alpine and mountain plants in the south of Scotland. So there ye go!

There are supposed to be feral goats running about the shop as well but they must have been on their holidays.

I managed to get a few photos despite taking a set of duff batteries.

Lochnagar in the Sun

Had a cracking summer day out on Lochnagar earlier this month. I was delighted to see it because it was a bit cloudy last time

Ended up in a karaoke bar in Ballater later on — don’t ask. Oh, the chipper is utter mince by the way.

There’s a bundle of photos as usual.

England, thy beauties are tame and domestic
To one who has roamed over mountains afar
Oh! for the crags that are wild and majestic,
The steep frowning glories of dark Lochnagar.

— Byron, mad shagger and dog lover

Ben Lomond

Ben LomondQuick wander up Ben Lomond on Saturday in better weather than I’d dared hope for. There were loads and loads of folk on the main track but we went up by Ptarmigan and only saw a few.


Big Snowy Hills

Grand day out yesterday on Gleouraich after wild camping in the glen.Looking west over Loch Quoich

As usual, there are some photos.

Tired now. Sleeps.

Edit: Here’s an Ordnance Survey map of that area.

Pentlands Sunset

The weather yesterday was far too nice to stay at work so I legged it into the Pentlands for a few hours.

There were army lads all over the place doing some sort of nav exercise and there was one manning a checkpoint on every top. They had sleeping bags and tarps and all sorts but they still said they were freezing. Having been up there since lunch, they all sodded off to get something to eat before the sun set.

It’d have been worth the wait, lads!

As always, there are a few photos.