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Lochnagar in the Sun

Thursday, June 19th, 2008

Had a cracking summer day out on Lochnagar earlier this month. I was delighted to see it because it was a bit cloudy last time

Ended up in a karaoke bar in Ballater later on — don’t ask. Oh, the chipper is utter mince by the way.

There’s a bundle of photos as usual.

England, thy beauties are tame and domestic
To one who has roamed over mountains afar
Oh! for the crags that are wild and majestic,
The steep frowning glories of dark Lochnagar.

— Byron, mad shagger and dog lover

Ben Lomond

Sunday, April 6th, 2008

Ben LomondQuick wander up Ben Lomond on Saturday in better weather than I’d dared hope for. There were loads and loads of folk on the main track but we went up by Ptarmigan and only saw a few.


Big Snowy Hills

Sunday, March 23rd, 2008

Grand day out yesterday on Gleouraich after wild camping in the glen.Looking west over Loch Quoich

As usual, there are some photos.

Tired now. Sleeps.

Edit: Here’s an Ordnance Survey map of that area.

Pentlands Sunset

Thursday, February 7th, 2008

The weather yesterday was far too nice to stay at work so I legged it into the Pentlands for a few hours.

There were army lads all over the place doing some sort of nav exercise and there was one manning a checkpoint on every top. They had sleeping bags and tarps and all sorts but they still said they were freezing. Having been up there since lunch, they all sodded off to get something to eat before the sun set.

It’d have been worth the wait, lads!

As always, there are a few photos.

The Ochils At Last

Sunday, January 20th, 2008

I’ve motored past them so many times but never ventured up onto the Ochils until today. They clearly haven’t been short of company in my absence though: I haven’t seen so many people out on a range of hills outside the Lake District!

From the south these hills shoot up steeply to about 400m from the Forth plain and then you’re in for an easy day of wandering over grassy tops and talking shite about what such and such a mountain further north at the limits of your eyesight might be.

The soil is clearly very rich and I rather think I’ve visited at the wrong time of year. In the summer they must be covered in flowers.

There are photos. :O]

Weird Weekend at Bob Scott’s

Monday, December 10th, 2007

Climbing out of the car into the rain wasn’t the best of starts.

Snowy tents near Bob Scott's bothy

Things improved, though, when a mate slipped, turned his ankle and skelped his face hard off the road during the walk in. I was relieved when he raised a hand to be helped up, and he was quick with praise for rescuing his whisky that was catapulted down the road before coming back to help him. ;-)

At the end of that night, a guy in the bothy turned out to be a psycho and started picking a fight. He was one of those repetitive pillocks as well so there wasn’t even any entertainment to be had out of him. Drunken diplomacy won out in the end—sort of.

The next day was an easy stroll up Beinn Bhreac for us, but two lads came in late that night without the dog they’d set off with. It had ran out onto a frozen loch and gone through the ice, the poor wee thing. They said they’d tried to smash a path through the ice for the dog to swim back to shore but couldn’t manage it in the end.

It was a nice dug as well. Mad for sticks but then you expect that from a collie.

I only took a few photos on the way up Beinn Bhreac.

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